Curated links for your weekend reading:

Thank you, David Powlison

Remembering David Powlison moves me deeply. When everything was on the line for Jani and me, David and Nan were there for us.

What Lay Elders Need to Know

Looking back, there are four things I wish I could have told myself before I became an elder.

Five Way to Dwell on the Word When You Can’t Read

What if you can’t read? What if, though you can read, you find reading exceptionally difficult? What if you come from a culture that doesn’t value or encourage reading? What if you’re ill and find reading a real strain?

Should My Boyfriend and I Travel Alone?

I think it’s unwise for an unmarried couple to take a trip like this together — and not only unwise, but contrary to three biblical guidelines.

Spiritual Fruit Grows Slowly

The best fruit often arrives from a long season of tenderness, care, and patience on the part of the gardener. But the end result is worth it. Growth takes time.

The Power of Doing Nothing at All

Give your brain space to think by stepping away from the daily grind and doing nothing. Your mind will have time to stumble upon new ideas and further process old ones.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Question of Sex

Sex is one of the greatest issues we’ll face in apologetics and discipleship. Let’s face it with courage, beauty, and grace.