Curated links for your weekend reading:

What I Miss Most (and Least) About Being a Pastor

There are aspects of pastoral ministry only those in it get to enjoy, and I really do miss those aspects. And then there are aspects of it I definitely don’t miss.

8 Shackles Every Pastor Should Shatter

Before I became a pastor, I had no idea that the greatest ministry challenge a pastor faces is not a “trouble person,” but a troubled heart — and that heart belongs to him.

How Do We Limit Narcissistic Leadership Tendencies in the Church?

If the ministry is particularly prone to such leadership, how can we make sure that we aren’t leading in these ways and how do we stop our structures from allowing us to lead in these ways?

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Doctrine Anchors

We all need good doctrine if we’re going to live wisely and well in God’s world. Only the truth of who God is, what he has done, and what he expects from us will sustain us in our complicated lives.

This is the last Saturday Links for a few weeks. I will return with some fresh links on August 3.

Saturday Links
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