Curated links for your weekend reading:

The Ministry of Presence

The local church doesn’t need people of outsized talents or rare abilities as much as it needs normal people with full-out commitment. Your church and my church can thrive only when there is a dedicated core who make it their mission to be there, to make their main ministry the ministry of presence.

Four Contemporary Threats to Scripture’s Sufficiency

I’m suggesting that it’s possible for us to be so focused on the speck in the mainline churches that we’ve lost sight of the log in our own.

Counterterrorism is effective when we start anticipating the attacks coming in our current blind spots.

Challenges in Urban Church Planting

When it comes to planting a church in an urban setting, there are a few unique challenges.

5 Reasons Not to Give Announcements in Worship Service

Here are five reasons announcements should be minimized or even eliminated in a church’s worship gatherings.

4 Practical Ways to Have Fewer Announcements in Your Worship Services

Here are four practical ways to have fewer announcements in your weekly gathering.

There Should Be Two of Us

There should be two Jarrid Wilsons. We should still be running into each other online like Kramer running into the bizarro version of himself on “Seinfeld,” begrudgingly cheerful about our erstwhile doppelgängers. We should still be getting confused for each other. We should still be finding others turning us into unwitting plagiarists of each other’s work.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Rethinking Leadership

We look for leaders who impress. But God has a different standard for, and requirement of, leaders.