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Pastor, Don’t Imply That Church Is Optional

The challenges are real. Let’s not make them even harder with statements that seem to pit true Christianity against the church.

Why You Should Go to Church [28 Biblical Reasons]

Being a part of a church isn’t just important, it’s essential.

Here are 28 reasons rooted in scripture on why we should faithfully go to church.

Small-Town Pastor, Preach Bespoke Sermons

Don’t squander the enormous opportunity God has given you. Serve a few people well for a long time. Give them truth that fits their lives. Speak to them in all their brokenness, glory, and normality. Preach to people you can see and know and touch and love. Preach bespoke sermons.

Why I’m a Better Pastor for You Than Keller or Piper

Here’s what I can offer my church that those great preachers can’t: I’m here. I can shepherd you. I can (if you are patient with me) know your name and your story. I can pray for you. I probably thought about you or a friend of yours as I prepared this week’s sermon. If you have a question about the sermon, or are seeking wisdom in picking a college, dating, your marriage, parenting, I promise I’ll respond to your email.

I’ll be there when you get married, I’ll pray with you when your loved one dies, and I commit to pursue you if you go astray. I’m a flawed pastor, but if you commit yourself to Christ’s church, I promise to commit myself to you.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Fulfill Your Ministry

Pastor: your ministry comes from the Lord. Not from you, not from your church. You will one day give account to God for how you’ve discharged this ministry. Only his evaluation matters.

Ministry is hard. Stay at it. Guard against not just quitting but drifting. Don’t measure your success by results. Measure your success by your faithfulness to the charge God has given you.

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