Curated links for your weekend reading:

Sow and Sleep, Pastor. Let God Define Success.

There are no “proven strategies,” no books, no Enneagram numbers, that if you just plug into a city will produce success.

In Church Planting, Overcome the Obstacle of Me

If I’m unwilling to embrace my own need for Christ, I become the hindrance to his work in my local church.

How Not to Find a Mentor

Here are five bits of advice I offer in terms of what not to do.

Where Does Evangelism Fit on Sunday Morning?

There is an active debate about the role evangelism should play in Sunday worship services. On any given Sunday should we assume our audience are believers or nonbelievers?

Isn’t It Time for a New Mission Story?

Yes, we need more gospel storytellers in Asia. Yes, we need more people forming communities of faith in Asia. But the people at the center of that mission are community insiders. Not outsiders.

Our role is to come alongside these insiders.

Desire for Approval

My desire to receive something from my wife must never exceed my desire to love and listen to her.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Ordinary Means of Grace

God does extraordinary things through the ordinary means of grace. Let’s be faithful at doing the ordinary things that God has promised to bless.

Saturday Links
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