Curated links for your weekend reading:

Seize the Morning

What we do each morning in the first fifteen to thirty minutes of our day is doubly revealing: it reveals both where our treasures really lie, as well as the trajectory of desires and decisions that will direct the day and, over time, our life.

How to Prioritize Reading

You don’t need to be a professional book reviewer to read a lot of books. And you don’t need to be brilliant either. But you do need to be purposeful and consistent. And if you can discipline yourself, you will find the time you need to read.

Fasting Isn’t for the Spiritually Elite. It’s for the Hurting.

Fasting is not reserved for the spiritual elite; it’s for you and me. Whether it’s losing your temper with the kids or feeling convicted on the drive home for engaging in gossip at work, maybe you need to skip the next meal, seek forgiveness, and go to God in prayer.

Faithful Application of the Word of God

Faithful application begins on the inside

Faithful applications emerges from the centering gospel

And faithful application terminates on the glory of God.

Church Conflict 101

So the question for all church leaders is this: Where will you take your stand in the biblical story that you are, in fact, a part of?

Giving Can Make You Happy

What would it look like for a church to release the joy of giving financially and physically? Here are some tips to consider.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Resolutions for the New Year

Jonathan Edwards made seventy resolutions for his life. I’m not quite that ambitious, but I’ve got four for the coming year.

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