Curated links for your weekend reading:

How Sex Became King

Sex outside of marriage isn’t new (Abraham), but due to certain technological advances—birth control, condoms, legal and “safe” and cheap abortions—consequence-free sex basically is.

Why You Need Sermons That Don’t Directly Apply to You

How do you listen to a sermon that’s not about you? How can you benefit from a talk on anxiety if you’re not worried, marriage if you’re not married, or depression if you’re not down?

She is Valued for Herself Alone

Woman, according to the Bible is marvelous because she is. She needs no other reason.

Love Your Neighbor in the New Year: Answer Their Emails and Texts

Jesus both protected his time and willingly gave it up, and in this digital age, we are called to do the same.

Is Francis Chan Right about the Lord’s Supper?

Francis Chan recently implied that the reformers relegated the Lord’s Supper to a “symbol,” elevated the pulpit and preaching in its stead, and caused division in the church—which now has 30,000 denominations. Any clip excised from a full message (as this one) almost necessitates miscommunication. Almost certainly this is the case here.

5 Myths About the Bible

Myth #1: The text and translation of the Bible is completely unreliable.
Myth #2: The books of the Bible were arbitrarily chosen…

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Toronto

I think of Lloyd-Jones often, particularly as I travel to two places where he spent some time in Toronto: Saint Luke’s United Church, and Knox College.

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