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Feb 2, 2020 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

Identifying Your Primary Story: 6 Diagnostic Questions

Trevin is doing a great job with this series of posts.

Here are a few questions intended to help you see if a story other than the Scriptural one has grown dominant in your imagination.

Eight Tips for Veteran Preachers

I find myself at a different stage of life and ministry, with a different set of concerns and observations than when I was a beginner preacher. Today, as a more veteran preacher, I keep these eight tips in the back of my mind.

5 Reasons to Recover Benedictions at Church

Why do benedictions matter for us today? Here are five reasons we should recover the use of them in our worship services.

What Does Paul Mean When He Says, “Act Like Men”?

Paul’s likely use of an Old Testament idiom to a mixed audience should make it clear that “act like a man” is an imperfect translation. Or more accurately, it would be incorrect to use this translation to mean to act in some distinctively masculine way to the exception of some feminine way of acting.

Dear Church — Don’t Overlook and Undervalue the Elderly

When a church overlooks the elderly, it can cause several big problems within the church family.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: 1917: A Parable of the Christian Life

A war, and message, lives at stake, and resistance on the part of those who could be saved by receiving the message — could there be a better picture of the Christian life?

Saturday Links


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