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The Dis-Embodiment of Community

The rise of technology, social media, and individualism has also brought about another reality: the concept of participating in community by online means.

It’s a wonderful gift for a time such as this. And I hate it.

How to Preach to an Empty Room

Here are some thoughts that I’m keeping in mind as I preach for video. I hope they’ll be of help to other preachers.

How to Get Through This Stronger Than Ever

When we get through this dreadful COVID-19, many thousands of people will come back to church longing for personal reality with the living God. Let’s get ready. Let’s release our grip on the defunct patterns of the past and reach out by faith for what only God can do.

Why the Tithing Message Is Short-Sighted

He wants us to give so much more than an obligatory tithe. He doesn’t want us to be known as tithers, but passionate givers who overwhelm church leadership with all we release.

A Liturgy for Those Flooded by Too Much Information

In a world so wired and interconnected,
our anxious hearts are pummeled by
an endless barrage of troubling news.
We are daily aware of more grief, O Lord,
than we can rightly consider…

See also A Liturgy for Medical Providers

“Scary Times” Success Manual: How To Be A Leader When Times Get Tough

These ten strategies will allow you to keep the focus on opportunities for growth and progress when the world around us gets more turbulent.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Pastoring Through the New (Temporary) Normal

Pastors: the COVID-19 crisis won’t end quickly. Scientists predict it will last for months, even over a year.

For now, it’s the new normal. How should we respond?

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