Curated links for your weekend reading:

15 Minutes a Day to Change Your Life

I want to encourage you to spend 15 minutes, give or take, on something that when done humbly in light of the Gospel will change your life for the good.

4 Reasons Pastors Ought to Be Gentle

In this short article, I’d like to ask pastors to consider cultivating gentleness in their leadership. Let me give you four reasons why, and then propose a road to get there.

One Simple Way to Encourage Your Pastor

What’s one simple way you can encourage your pastor? Tell him precisely how you are growing in faith through his ministry of the Word.

C. S. Lewis and the Cautionary Tale of Nikabrik

I worry that Nikabrik-types are multiplying across our country, both in politics (on both the left and the right) as well as in theological disputes.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Learning from the Pandemic as We Start to Regather

I’m amazed at how many of Grimké’s reflections fit our current situation.

Saturday Links
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