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Are Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity Compatible?

We’re just now beginning to see the cascading complications that the cascading acceptance of Critical Theory will have on the life and health of the church

…If you’re an elder or a leader or a pastor, you are called to shepherd the flock. That means you need to explicitly repudiate these ideas.

Is the Sabbath Command Still Relevant?

How can I better love God and love my neighbor?

The answer here, in the fourth commandment, is that we can love God with our time (perhaps our most precious possession in today’s hurried society), our focused attention in a world abounding with distractions, and our energy (which will include both recharging our spiritual batteries and serving God/others).

4 Ways Not to Be a Jerk Online

Here are four ways to be a faithful Christian online.

Level 3 Listening

Too many of our conversations and disagreements come because we are responding before we understand.

Some Indispensable Things I’ve Learned From Tim Keller

In becoming less, the man is becoming more. For as the man himself has said in sermons, “The less we presume to act like kings, the more like kings we shall be.”

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Sharp Tongues And Angry Tweets

Is there room for sarcasm and snark in the Christian life?

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