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Aug 1, 2020 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

What Has COVID-19 Revealed About the North American Church?

How will people look back on this period of church history where 1 in 3 Christians choose not to make time to listen to an online worship service from the comfort of their own sofa?

Covid, Christians, & the Civil Magistrate

Two questions that I’ve seen more than once in recent weeks concern face masks and congregational singing. Should I obey or disobey if the local or state government mandates face masks in public places such as churches? Are the restrictions on certain aspects of corporate worship such as singing an Acts 5 situation worthy of civil disobedience?

Leadership Savvy Doesn’t Make a Pastor

We can’t afford for the uniqueness of our pastoral vocation to be replaced with the image of a mere organizational leader. We must rediscover and faithfully cling to that unique vocation to which we’ve been called.

Making the Most of Time

Last year, I had a small heart attack that required cardiac bypass surgery and it changed the way I looked at time and my ministry. Here are a few insights I gained.

Remember, It’s A Privilege!

This weekend as you stand before your church and open the Bible with them, I hope you will be reminded of the awe-inspiring opportunity that God has given you.

Do the Next Small Thing

Don’t be too overwhelmed with the big picture that you miss the importance and power of the small moments that truly make up most of your ministry and life.

The Beautiful Inconvenience of Ministry

Jesus brings beauty to an inconvenient world and then invites His church to partake in that ministry. Jesus’ way in this world is the inconvenient way – and that way is now our way.

How to Talk to Conspiracy Theorists — and Still Be Kind

Experts and r/ChangeMyView subreddit moderators offer 10 tips to debunk conspiracy theories convincingly.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Raising the Resurrection

A Christian funeral is a good time to be reminded of truths that matter: that Jesus has conquered death, and that believers have resurrection hope. I’m concerned, though, by how often these truths are either distorted or not mentioned at all.

Saturday Links


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