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Nov 21, 2020 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

Preach with Kindness

I think I want to pursue more kindness in my preaching, and I think that, if you preach, you should too. Here are three reasons why.

Why Church Leaders Should Write More Handwritten Notes

Take the time to write a handwritten note. Make it a weekly habit. You might be surprised at the fruit from such a simple discipline.

The Government Says We Can’t Sing! What Should We Do? (A Forum)

I hope this forum models the kind of grace-giving, conscience-respecting discussions you and your fellow elders should have as you work through these kinds of tough questions.

My COVID Manifesto for My Church

I love my church, because Christ loves my church.
My commitment is firm in good times and in the stresses of COVID.
I truly believe God has a better future for my congregation.
In His power and strength, I will be a part of it.

We Used to Ask Institutions to Form Us. Now They Must Affirm Us.

Institutional formation becomes a threat in an age when expressive individualism has become the goal.

Should Christians Use the Enneagram?

The growing popularity of the Enneagram has caused Christians to start asking whether it’s a helpful tool or whether it’s too conflicted in its origins.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: When Others Drive Us Completely Crazy

Our common identity in Christ transcends our view of politics, masks, or anything else. We are, before anything else, “God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved.”

Saturday Links


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