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Nov 28, 2020 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

If You Can’t be with the Church You Love, Love the Church You’re With

As your church leaders make difficult decisions, oftentimes landing on solutions you don’t necessarily agree with, how should a mature Christian process the disappointment?

My Threshold for Civil Disobedience in a COVID19 World

I believe that we would be justified in disobeying the government’s protocols with respect to COVID19 in the following circumstances.

Is Civil Disobedience the Only Option?

I want to be totally clear about my concern for any person on any side of the issue effectually placing their opinions of the virus into the same category of Truth as God’s revealed Word. May that never be.

Five Things Churches Should Do Differently in 2021

As our team works with church leaders, we are often asked what changes or pivots their churches should make as their congregations move to a new year. Though this list is not exhaustive, we find ourselves making these five recommendations consistently.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Our Personal Opinions and Preaching

Opinions have no place in the pulpit, or in our role as pastors. Our job is to preach God’s Word and point to Christ and get out of the way.

Saturday Links


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