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Feb 13, 2021 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

An Open Letter to the Evangelical Church on Christology

The life and health of the church depends on a correct preaching and teaching of Christ — a teaching that leads us, by God’s grace, to faith and confidence in our Lord Jesus, and an entire life lived in adoration, praise, and obedience to him.

Should Young Pastors Prefer a Large or Small Church?

Are you willing to minister in obscurity where you can come to know what it is to pastor precious souls, where you can lay a firm foundation of knowledge and skill, where you can finish the preparation that seminary merely began?

For Low Moments in Ministry

Your lowest moment is the perfect time to turn your ministry toward God’s highest blessings. You can stop playing defense and start playing offense — right now.

Significance In Insignificance

God specializes in lavishing grace upon unworthy people. He delights in doing great things through the one the world would pick last.

Just Keep Going

So whatever good you are doing right now, and whatever good you are tempted to quit doing right now, don’t. Don’t give up. Do not weary of doing good. The harvest is coming. Just don’t give up.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Pastors: Keep Preaching

With bombs falling, and the future of England in question, Lloyd-Jones kept preaching. We need the same kind of focus today.

Saturday Links


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