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Feb 20, 2021 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

Bring Your Sin into the Light

Pastors, we need people in our lives to whom we confess often.

Women Are Not the Problem

Pastors and church leaders, whatever actions you take to fight for purity, it’s important to remember: women are not the problem.

Don’t Fill Every Open Moment with Content

I’m suggesting you should give up something to free up a bit more empty space in your life. Recognize that stillness is vital for your spiritual health in an over-stimulated age, even if it means missing out on some quality content.

Why I Switched from a Digital Bible to a Paper Bible

Here are a few reasons why I made the switch back to a physical copy of the Bible for my devotions and have no plans for returning to digital.

Lent and Groundhog Day

The Christian Year is a discipline to remind you of the central truths, stories, and people connected to the biblical Gospel.

The Greatest Inequality Is a Lack of Gospel Preaching Churches

How are we going to establish churches where there are currently none or vanishingly few?

Small Churches

Small churches aren’t churches with the potential to do better. They are not doomed to smallness because they are rural (some are urban), self-absorbed, or lacking in vision.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Giving Thanks for the Resilience of God’s People

One of the best and most helpful things a pastor can do is to give thanks for his people. Not only is it right, but it’s good for the pastor’s soul, and it’s good for the people.

Saturday Links

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  1. Brad Somers

    Really appreciated the ‘women are not the problem’ article from Jenn Wilkin!


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