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Mar 20, 2021 | Featured, Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

Growing My Faith in the Face of Death

The less we attempt to make this world into a heaven, the more we are able to enjoy it.

Deconversion Is Not as Countercultural as You Think

In a post-Christian and rapidly secularizing culture, deconstructing isn’t a radical act. It’s just a normal thing that more and more people do.

Don’t Throw Away Encouragement

So, set up an encouragement file and fill it up with hope-infusions from the saints who cheer you on in the race. And then take a moment to write down something that could go into someone else’s encouragement file.

Church Planting?

New church plants need to have a deliberate missionary strategy that involves actively engaging people in their neighbourhood. New church plants that are essentially “Sunday services” will be unlikely to have much of an impact on their locality or the nation.

Better Than Starbucks: The Local Church and the Beauty of Place

As we emerge from COVID-19, we must be reminded of the beauty of belonging to a real place in the church.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: To Pastor Is to Suffer

Pastors: expect to suffer. It’s what we signed up for. But as we suffer, let’s not lose sight of the example we follow, and the promise that’s ours.

Saturday Links


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