Curated links for your weekend reading:

Bored to Death

There he now sits, a glutton for interruptions, spending hours on his phone — and countless hours on other distractions. He no longer possesses the power of fixed attention (so vital in the Enemy’s service).

Pastor, Be One In A Thousand

It is not enough to possess a leadership position. We ought to embody the kind of leaders that God desires: “faithful, reliable, caring shepherds.”

Five Reasons to Pastor an Old Church, Even With All Its Problems

If you’re an aspiring pastor, you may think your best route is church planting — and you may be right. But allow me to push you to at least consider the benefits and joys of investing your time and energy into an established church.

How Do We Interpret Old Testament Narrative?

Here are 10 quick suggestions, accompanied by examples from 2nd Samuel.

Five Ways Designated Giving Can Get Your Church in Trouble

Designated giving can be an incredible blessing for your church. But far too many churches are handling designated giving in ways that can get them in trouble.

How to Deal with Those Who Differ from Us

There are three major questions that we must ask; and I would like to emphasize very strongly that, in my judgement, we need to ask them precisely in the right order: (1) What do I owe the person who differs from me? (2) What can I learn from the person who differs from me? (3) How can I cope with the person who differs from me?

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Be Careful About Calling Somebody a Heretic

To preserve the notion of heresy, and for the sake of our own integrity, be careful before you call someone who disagrees with you a heretic.

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