Podcast: I enjoyed talking to Micheal Kruger about his book Surviving Religion 101 on Gospel for Life podcast.

Curated links for your weekend reading:

The Seemingly Small Act of Knowing People’s Names Can Make a Big Difference

While learning names is work, it’s good work to do.

6 Reasons Christians Should Read More

Opening a good book also opens doors shut in our inexperience — and a whole lot of other wonderful things.

Glorify God with Your Body

In Christ, in the service of love, we want to get (and keep) our bodies, in their various seasons of life, in the modest condition needed to serve God’s callings on our lives to love others.

Pastor, Preach Your Sermon

Two reminders:

You have a people given to you by God to shepherd.

You have the Word given to you by God to shepherd your people with.

Preach with Kindness

Because the Spirit condescends to use how we preach, we ought not forget to reflect God’s kindness when we preach it.

7 Reasons I Dislike Email Criticism

Ask yourself if email really is the right method to offer the criticism. Frankly, ask if the criticism is even necessary in the grand scheme of things.

How Are We to Think About Residential Schools?

For the Indigenous people of Canada, this country was our tormentor from whom there was no refuge.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The School of Suffering

Suffering is as normal as it is unpleasant. And yet we can know that God is at work, loving us and shaping us.

Saturday Links
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