Curated links for your weekend reading:

The Gospel Coalition 2021 Book Awards

Congratulations to the winners of The Gospel Coalition 2021 Book Awards.

Struggling with Doubt? Here are 5 Important Truths to Remember

How do we handle these doubts when they come? Or, how do we help others who admit they are struggling with what they believe?

Why So Harsh?

Harshness toward lost sheep and gentleness toward predators are equally devastating to the church.

You Can’t Reform a Church You Hate

Don’t let your lament for the church ever lose the wonder of love.

Are You a Warrior or a Worker?

As much as we see warfare imagery in the Bible, we see farming imagery even more.

15 Lessons I’ve Learned from 40 Years in Ministry

The spiritual disciplines are not only acts of obedience for me, but they are also necessary for my spiritual and emotional survival…

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: It’s a Good Time to Think About Our Bodies

Every Christian needs an accurate theology of the body.

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