Podcast: I enjoyed interviewing Jonathan Dodson about his book Gospel-Centered Discipleship on the Gospel for Life podcast.

Curated links for your weekend reading:

No Ordinary Life

He turns 90 this month. And this window into his thoughts over 60 years ago reveal the foundation of a life wholeheartedly committed to his Lord.

No ordinary life.

More than Catch-and-Release

If making disciples is our task, it’s worth considering the consistent pattern of disciple making found in Scripture.

The Blessing of Rest

We all need to find the best form of rest for ourselves and then to protect that time in our schedules with all our might.

The Internet Is More Powerful Than the Printing Press

I know—you don’t want to think it’s true, but it’s true.

A Return to Analog

I’m finding myself drawn all the more by analog tools these days. And it would seem I’m not alone.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Family Everywhere

The world is a big place, but God has his people everywhere.

Saturday Links
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