Saturday Links

Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading:

The Prevailing Sin of Our Age

The prevailing sin of our age is we have misplaced the center of all authority.

What I Want From A Church

Our key task is not to survey people to find out what it will take to get them back in and it’s not to inquire what they might find spiritually meaningful. Our key task is to search the Scriptures to see what God tells us a church ought to be and ought to do.

Leaving a Church Well

There are ways in which one can leave the congregation well.

Why Confession Belongs in Youth Group

It’s far more dangerous for our ministries to be places where students hide sin than for them to be places where students confess sin.

There Are No Boring Testimonies

Whatever your story, praise God that he has chosen to save you – an unlikely convert – regardless of what your background and testimony happens to be.

Sometimes Efficiency is Overrated

There are some goals that require that we expend resources disproportionate to the benefit.

Begin Where You Are: How to Renew Your Prayer Life

Begin where you are. This simple sentence, tucked away in C.S. Lewis’s book Letters to Malcolm, has the potential to transform your prayer life.

C. S. Lewis and Mrs. Moore: Relationship of Sin or Sanctification?

Would we have received the same level of spiritual insight and passion of C. S. Lewis in his sanctified later years apart from the purifying fires of trial brought about by Mrs. Moore?

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Dearth of Church Planting in Toronto

I’m seeing few new churches, and it concerns me. We need more church planting in Toronto.
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Darryl Dash

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