Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Leaders and Loneliness

I would rather risk transparency than risk the alternative.

If I Were Planting a Church From Scratch

What would you do if you didn’t have to bend, adapt, edit or translate – what would you do if you could design a church from the ground up?

The Cheap Way to Bless Your Pastor

Consider the cheapest way to bless your pastor and your congregation: make sure the minister has enough time to rest, read, and recharge.

Great Reality Inspires Great Writing

Great writing is about great reality — clearly seen, and greatly felt.

12 Reasons to Have Monthly Lunch With a Senior Adult…or a Bunch of Them

If you’re a church leader, you need to spend intentional time with a senior adult – or with a lot of them. Even a monthly lunch and conversation will pay dividends in your ministry.

Have We Christians Made Marriage Too Complicated?

“Let’s just keep working on our friendship. And not make it so complicated.”