Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

The Brain Revolution: New Ideas About Mental Health, Healing and Therapy, With a Christian Response

The staggering rise of mental illness in recent years brings challenges and opportunities to the church to demonstrate God’s power to change lives.

Don’t Expect a Spectacular Christian Life

Will you trust him enough to reorient your disciplines around him? Will you trust that ordinary, stable, consistent time with him is the best thing for your soul?

A Call for Patient Evangelism

Just like in the financial market, the most rewarding spiritual investments often take a long time to mature.

Eight Dangers of Pursuing Applause

In his Counsel to Gospel Ministers, John Brown lists the rancid fruit of “indulging in ambitious inclinations” which leads us to “hunt after vainglory and applause from men.”

The Pathway from Porn to Adultery

Viewing pornography is already a lamentable breach of your faithfulness to your wife, but I’m concerned it may only be the beginning.

The Pragmatic Benefits of God-Given Sexual Boundaries

If God exists and He created us, He designed our sexuality. And if God is good, then He designed our sexuality for our benefit. Not only is this true, it has pragmatic benefits when we align our lives and behavior with our design.

When Your Partner Is Down and Can’t Get Up

My wife has written, bravely and beautifully, of her struggles with mental health. I’m often asked what has helped me as her husband.

I offer these 10 thoughts with her blessing and with the caveat that they may not translate into your situation. But here is what has sustained me.