Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

28 Non-Numerical Signs Of A Healthy Church

Numbers are not the only way to determine church health. In many situations, they’re not even the best way.

Help for the Beat-Up Pastor

If you are feeling beat up, take in these two views, look back and look ahead. Here you will find help and even refreshment for your weary soul.

Pastor, Aim to Preach Simple Sermons

I’ve come to believe that faithful preaching is marked by simplicity. And simple preaching best serves others by communicating the point of the passage in a clear and Christ-centered way.

6 Simple Steps to Revolutionize your Spiritual Life

Inasmuch as the Christian life has a silver bullet, it is Bible intake. Therefore, practice these six simple methods of Bible Intake and see your Christian life revolutionized.

Why Is Parenting so Incredibly Hard?

If I have learned anything over the 20+ years of my marriage it is that parenting is incredibly hard. I’m sure there are many reasons for that, but these 6 come immediately to mind.

The Gospel Is the Only Stable Source of Identity and Value

Modern people are in bondage to the impossible and crushing task of validating their own value. It may take some time to help translate the message, but Jesus offers them freedom and a stable, unchanging source of love and value — something every one of us is looking for.