Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Church Planters Are Farmers, Not Rock Stars

If fame is the goal instead of faithfulness, the planter is a walking disaster zone.

The New Normal: 9 Realities And Trends In Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry is more than a pit-stop along the way to “real” pastoral ministry. It’s as real as pastoring gets. And it’s becoming very common, very fast.

Preach the Word. Just Preach the Word.

We don’t need more personalities in the church. We need men of the Word.

Pastor, Don’t Get Cute this Christmas

Don’t get cute at Christmas. Your people need regular meat and potatoes, not the newest eggnog recipe.

Zero-based Church Scheduling

We need effective churches, not busy churches.

We need simple churches, not complex churches.

As you move into a new year, consider your church calendar. Be willing to consider reducing or eliminating those activities that lead to busyness but not effectiveness.

My 4 Rules For Responding To Nasty Emails

So here are some simple rules that I follow. Rules that have helped me turn many of these interactions into helpful dialogue instead of heated and destructive breakdowns in relationship.