Saturday Links

Links for your yearend reading:

Another New Year Knocks

Why does Christmas joy turn so quickly into new-year anxiety?

3 Ways I Plan to Read the Bible Less in 2018

Here are three ways you might read more of the Bible by reading less in 2018.

How (Not) to Read Next Year

Resolve this year to increase your skill in how not to read.

4 Things You Can’t Do without Systematic Theology

Systematic theology isn’t optional for Christians.

How Far Should We Go in Defending Our Gospel-centered Ministry?

One mark of a truly gospel-centered pastor is the willingness to be seen as a complete fool so long as Christ is honored.

When Pastors Don’t Get Enough Rest

Many of us in ministry get too little rest, and we need to think about making changes. Here are some of the possible results of our not getting enough rest.