Links for your weekend reading:

The Secret Small Churches Know Best

Your church (and every church, everywhere) will eternally impact people, not by showing them how big and impressive you are, but by showing them the greatness of the God.

You Don’t Have to Be an Alpha Male to Plant a Church

You don’t have to be a type-A macho man to plant a church, and you don’t have to be the most skilled. But you do have to pursue godliness. You have to reflect the Chief Shepherd.

Investing In Your City For The Long Haul

We cheat ourselves and those around us when we carelessly just go from one thing to the next.

How Ray Ortlund Became Foster Father to a Generation of Church Planters

Ray is a bright example of how to finish well.

When a Cussing Heroin Addict Shows Up at Church

Ann taking the “walk of shame” from the nursery and out the door, forlorn and beaten down — no doubt for the umpteenth time in her life — by the shame and regret and the familiar feeling of failure.

Saturday Links
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