Links for your weekend reading:

Who Is Welcome Here?

Who is welcome here?

You, sir.

You, who haven’t been to church in 50 years.

You, who disagree with our theological commitments.

We invite you among us: to raise your objections, to puzzle over faith, and to come — however fitfully — to Jesus.

Seven Ways We Can Guard and Repair Relationships

One of the most beautiful scenes in the Bible is between brothers who had been long alienated. God wants that beauty to reappear in every generation, including ours right now.

Growing Old Graciously

I want the second half of my life to find me still moving. Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, and I prefer to finish strong.

Good Leaders Have a Limp

The greatest leaders I know have a limp. They have found their humanity and they walk in humility.

Tim Keller’s Wisdom on Disciple Making

Here is a summary of three key things that Tim said about reaching and discipling secular people.