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Four Guidelines for Mental Health Issues and the Church

Developing pastoral practices and a church environment that welcomes people who struggle with mental health issues requires awareness, intentionality, and wisdom, but every effort a church makes, both great and small, offers new hope and practical help to the silent sufferers among us.

Why We Should Use the Language of Brokenness

Conflating brokenness with sin creates confusion where there should be order and shame where there should be liberty.

Why Every Christian Must be a Theologian

If you’re a Christian, you must by definition know God. Christians are disciples of Jesus; they are student-followers of Jesus.

Why Do Some Pastors Deliberately Avoid Teaching Their Church Doctrine?

Give yourself to sound doctrine and make much of it from now on. If you cannot do this, resign.

Is 6-Day Creation the Only Long-term Viable Option?

I would appeal, for the sake of our partnership in the gospel, that we refrain from singling out any one particular view of the days of Genesis 1 as “the only long-term viable option” for faithful Christians, Reformed or otherwise.

The Joy of an Unaccomplished Life

The brown-paper simplicities of life is how God packages our joy.

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