Links for your weekend reading:

7 Ways to Work Hard at Rest

Here are some specific lessons I’ve learned along the way. Maybe they’ll help you to endure amid busyness and fatigue.

The Beautiful Monotony of the Gospel

Gospel wakened people have been given the strength enough to exult in the beautiful monotony of the gospel.

Don’t Sleep on “Grace to You”

Do you see why Paul opens with “grace to you”? There is no better way to address God’s people.

Healthy Church Plants Are Led by Teams

If you love serving behind the scenes, if you love showing kindness to your neighbors, and if you love the city in which you live, you would be a great benefit to a church-planting team.

8 Ways to Welcome People with Disabilities into Your Church

I asked Heather how we can do a better job of welcoming people with disabilities into the church. Here’s what she said.

Don’t Be a 9Marxist!

Even as 9Marks encourages churches to avoid the squishy complacency of nominal Christianity, we also don’t want churches to err in the direction of being doctrinaire and authoritarian.