Links for your weekend reading:

Listen. It’s a Ministry.

The central calling of the Christian life is to love. A neglected way we love is by listening.

Stop Trashing the Gospel With the Phrase “Cheap Grace”

Salvation cost Jesus everything and it costs us nothing. Let’s keep it that way.

All Men Need a Band of Gospel Brothers

Men are made for community. They are made to walk their path in this world alongside their family and with a band of brothers.

My Little Daughter: A Father’s Glimpse into the Heart of God

It is good, for women and men alike, to know themselves loved by God like a father loves a son, and like a daddy loves his little girl.

10 Things You Should Know About Church Membership and Why Do People Object to the Concept of Membership in a Local Church?

Membership in a local church is very much in the minds of Christians these days. Is it biblical? Is it necessary? Is it helpful?

When Your Church Isn’t What You Dreamed

The task of church planting is glorious, but it is not ultimate. Like anything besides Christ, church planting makes for a bad savior.

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