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My New Pastoral Job Description

After 8 1/2 years of church planting, I finally hit the wall. Or maybe it was the bottom. Whatever it was, I hit it hard. While I’ve hit that low place before as a pastor, I never expected it to happen in the context of a church and ministry that I love.

I sat on the sofa and said quietly to my wife, “I’m done.”

Church Planting Hinges on Easter

The work of church planting would be impossible—and pointless—without the empty tomb.

The Foolish Quest for a “Silver Bullet” in Global Missions

As long as fallen and finite people are at the helm, no method will be perfect.

It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power

We need profound change, and it starts less with our public figures than with ourselves.

Thoughts On The Rise And Fall Of Pastors

When I was a seminary student, an older, seasoned pastor spoke in a chapel service and said, “Some of you are very gifted. You aspire to do great things in ministry one day. God have mercy on you.” Eighteen years later, I am beginning to understand what he meant by that.

7 Ways Churches Limit Transfer Growth Into Their Congregation

here are some ways I’ve seen churches limit transfer growth into their congregation.


Believers must be challenged to endure, hold fast, retain their confidence, make a clear confession without wavering – to the very end, whether natural death, martyrdom, or the Second Coming. Such challenges are necessary today.

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