Links for your weekend reading:

The Gospel-Shaped Pastor

Knowing how Christ’s finished work works in our own lives and ministries is vitally important.

Be a Gospel Neighbor

The challenge is for every church and Christian to see the importance of engaging our neighbors—the people God has specifically put in our lives.

7 Thoughts on the 21st Anniversary of My Conversion

These are some random thoughts that have crossed my mind this week as I reflected on my walk with Jesus for these last twenty-one years.

Why I Stopped Reading the Bible

Church planter: don’t depart from Word of God. Drink deeply from it, daily. It’s what you—and your people—need more than anything else.

On Pastoral Failings and the Fallout

He didn’t see himself as a member of a saintly class of Christians (the way that I viewed him at the time). He saw himself as a follower of Jesus who remained vulnerable to sins and temptations. He knew that sins in his future could undermine the credibility of his Christian witness in the past.

Beating Facebook’s Algorithm and Being Your Own Curator

Why don’t you try RSS and see if it can work for you. Why don’t you see if you benefit from taking back the power of curation.