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Books Change Lives

The power of a book is the power to transform a life. To point the way. To carve a path. To break the darkness with a dawn. To embrace an emotion. To hear a new song that won’t leave the mind. To widen a perspective. To salve an open wound. To get kicked in the seat of the pants. To open the heart to the leading of the Spirit.

10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality

Daily hospitality hones a distinctive Christian culture from within as it embraces evangelistic optimism, knowing that if God wills, strangers will become neighbors and neighbors will become part of the family of God.

Does Your Heart Run on Hype?

Here are three reasons why we shouldn’t expect each Lord’s Day to produce an off-the-charts mountaintop experience, and why we can instead delight in the regular, ordinary, supernatural joy of engaging with God together.

Yes, You Can Say ‘No’ in Ministry

My aim isn’t to deny that there are times we will be poured out and exhausted in ministry. I simply want to question the driving forces behind our cultural norm of ministry overcommitment.

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This Weekend Only

Inside the Mysterious Hidden Warehouse in Liberty Village

A look at a hidden building inside my community.

Thousands upon thousands of Toronto historical artifacts are believed to be stored in a secret Liberty Village warehouse. The location is not publicly known, per City request, and there is limited information available on what exactly exists there.

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