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Apr 21, 2018 | Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Wanted: People to Lead Us in the Way of Wonder

In an age of disenchantment, a world in which people are starved by superficiality, we need writers and pastors and artists who can feed us with the wonder of existence.

Ministry Is Not a Place to ‘Find Yourself’

True, biblical church planting is profoundly others-centered. It’s about the glory of God and the good of others. Therefore, church planting ought to be one of the most self-denying causes we could ever pursue.

Don’t Sideline the Women in Your Church Plant

It’s not enough for a pastor to notionally agree that women are permitted to participate in the church; they need to see women as essential to the mission of the church.

What the Church Can and Should Bring to the #MeToo Movement

Assuming we’re talking about a healthy church with good structures and policies in place, what does the church have to bring to #MeToo?

9 Things Pastors Can Learn From Missionaries

Here are some things I think missionaries can remind us.

Jesus’s Compassion for Those Who Love Porn

At 19 I met a King who stared right at my sexual brokenness, filth, and defiled body, and then picked up my heart and called me redeemed.

Technology and Our Relationship with God

The deeper and healthier our relationship with God, the more that satisfying friendship and communion will replace technology in our lives and also regulate it so that our use of it is more balanced and beneficial.

How to Give a Five-Minute Presentation

Give a four-minute presentation and take your time.

Saturday Links


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