Links for your weekend reading:

The Secret to Finishing Well

So let’s refuse the destructive game of ministry hide-and-seek, hiding our struggles while seeking to impress.

Refreshing the Saints

What am I to my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus? Do I refresh or weary them?

Pastoral Anxiety

Paul had pressure. You have pressure, too. But God can handle the pressure. And He looks good when you can’t.

7 Marks of a Good Apology vs. 8 Marks of a Bad Apology

In this post, I try to identify the markers of a good apology and markers of a a bad apology.

Don’t Leave Your Convictions Behind To Get Ahead

There are some convictions that define who we are. On these issues, you must not sell out. Not for a bigger pulpit. Not for a larger platform. Not for anything.

How to Create a Church Culture of Accountability in the #MeToo Era

How can churches create a church culture of accountability and victim care? Experts suggest four tips.

The Idolatry of the Middle-Class Church Member?

Jesus is worth more than my standard of living.

Saturday Links
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