Links for your weekend reading:

Normalize Bible Reading in Your Life and Leadership

If reading the Bible makes that much of a difference, what are things that we can do to help our congregations and/or those that we disciple dig deeper into the Word?

Lessons From a Prayer Warrior

A few years ago, I approached one of the matriarchs in our church, a woman twice my age who is considered a prayer warrior both inside and outside our church. “Will you meet with me—regularly—and teach me how to pray?” I asked.

The Gift of Singleness?

What is the “gift of singleness”? In short, it is singleness itself — a gift that is given to all for some time and to some for all time. And as with all God’s gifts, we should receive it, celebrate it, and steward it well.

Moving Our Congregations to More Effective Evangelism

How do we as leaders guide those in our care to become disciples who have a high priority of evangelism? Let me offer a few thoughts.

Sin Is Like Walking in Front of a Bus

To ignore our sin, to refuse to repent of it once it has been pointed out to us, is as disastrous as ignoring a massive bus bearing down on us.

Toward a Theology of Apology

We need more work in the years ahead—exegetical, historical, and doctrinal—on our theology of apology.