Everyday Evangelism (Mark 10:17-22)

Big Idea: When talking with someone about spiritual issues, use questions and conversation to try to get to the issues of that person’s heart. We’re getting near the end of our

The Mocking of Jesus (Mark 15:27-32)

Big Idea: The mocking of Jesus reveals our hearts and Jesus’ gracious heart for those who deserve his judgment. It’s very difficult to read about the death of Jesus. They questioned him.

Jesus Chooses Nobodies (Mark 3:13-21)

Big Idea: Jesus chooses nobodies to be with him, and then to serve like he did. The most extraordinary thing happened earlier this year. Scott Foster, a 36-year-old accountant, hadn’t played a

Thriving in His Space (Mark 11:11-25)

Big Idea: God always creates places for people to walk with him and know him. That place is now the church. It was one of the most anticlimactic moments of my life. I