Stop Chasing Models and Start Chasing Jesus

From The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea to Pastors : If church history proves anything, it’s that the next church system or model will not fix the problems, the sin, and

Take a Risk

These words, particularly the last two sentences, have stuck with me since I first read them years ago: Do a start up church. Be a tentmaker. Build communities. Small groups. Neighborhood churches. Be

Just a Plodder

William Carey is called the “father of modern missions.” Despite only an elementary school education, he could read the Bible in six languages by the time he was a teen. He became Professor

How Do You See the Church?

C.H. Spurgeon reminds us how to see the Church: We ought to regard the Christian Church, not as a luxurious hostelry where Christian gentlemen may each one dwell at ease in his

Easy Target

Argentinean leader Ed Silvoso said: The Church in the West today presents too easy a target for Satan. We do not believe we are at war. We do not know where the battleground