A student once asked Carl F. Henry, founder of Christianity Today, “What is the great theological question of our time?”

Henry didn’t answer as expected. He replied without hesitation: “Have you met the risen Lord?”

One author writes, “This question goes beyond the mere recitation of a creed, the explanation of a doctrine, or the clarification of a biblical regulation. It points to a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.”

We’ve just celebrated Easter. Some of us have preached about it. The most profound question for us this week isn’t whether we believe in the facts of the resurrection; it’s whether we’ve met and are meeting the one we’ve celebrated and proclaimed.

A word to tired preachers (like myself) experiencing the post-Easter letdown: Let’s spend some time enjoying the one we about whom we just preached. Don’t settle for serving others what you’re not enjoying yourself. It’s not about guilt; it’s about enjoyment. We don’t just serve him; we get to know him. All ministry flows out of this. Let’s meet the one we proclaim.

The Greatest Theological Question
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