As part of A Year of Books on Preaching, I’m posting a review a month of a preaching book, and then a list of quotes and takeaways.

I posted a review of Preaching?: Simple Teaching on Simply Preaching by Alec Motyer earlier this week. Here are some of the top quotes and takeaways from his book.

Top Ten Quotes

Not everyone can be what people call a ‘good preacher’, but no one need be a ‘bad preacher’. (Kindle Location 88)

God’s method of church growth is preaching the Word, watered by believing prayer. (Kindle Locations 178-179)

Preaching is a very personal and individual exercise. We can learn from each other, but must not copy each other. (Kindle Locations 306-307)

Exposition is the restatement of a Scripture – whether a word, a verse, a chapter or a book – so that its message emerges with clarity. (Kindle Locations 313-314)

The power of an expository ministry arises from bringing out what is there. The seed is the Word of God (Luke 8:11); the fertility is in the seed. The preacher’s task is to get the seed out of the packet and into the good soil of instructed, understanding minds (Matt. 13:23). (Kindle Locations 324-326)

In our Bible study and sermon preparation we should learn to ask what is the ‘one thing’ that holds all these individual ‘things’ together, the one truth that they are all about. (Kindle Locations 679-680)

A lady said to me, speaking of the minister at her church who had just moved on: ‘I don’t know what we will do without Mr. X. He used to explain the Bible to us.’ An epitaph to be coveted! (Kindle Locations 966-968)

The devil does not mind how active we are in the work of the Lord provided we are achieving nothing, or, better still, falling flat on our faces. (Kindle Locations 1445-1446)

It is not the most able who are blessed in their ministry, but the most holy. (Kindle Locations 1474-1475)

What a solemn thing it is to preach the Word of God. Eternal destinies lie in the hands of the preacher. (Kindle Locations 1566-1567)


  • Pursue clarity. Most “bad” sermons are bad because they’re muddled.
  • Rest your preaching on the Word of God. Get deeply involved in the Word, and focus on making it clear.
  • Learn from others, but figure out what works for you in both preparation and delivery.
  • Instruct the mind so that the heart is warmed, the will mobilized, the life is changed, and the mouth is loosed. Follow that order.
  • The Scriptures don’t yield up their riches without hard work. The hard work is worth it.
  • Stick to your task (preaching), and leave the results to God.

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