Man Is Not the Centre

Spurgeon writes in Lectures to My Students: Just as the earth is not the centre of the universe, so man is not the grandest of all beings. God has been pleased highly to

Why are they leaving?

This blog post suggests that people are leaving the church because many sermons are polished, but are theoretical and lack the gospel: Why are people leaving good, established, traditional churches with great facilities,

Garrison Keillor on preaching

I’ve heard a lot of sermons in the past 10 years or so that make me want to get up and walk out. They’re secular, psychological, self-help sermons. Friendly, but of

Preaching to Postmoderns

J.D. Greear on preaching Scripture focused on Christ rather than on us: The Bible was not primarily intended to explain to us what we should do for God, but to point us

Which gospel?

David Powlison contrasts the therapeutic gospel with the once-for-all gospel in this very helpful essay, and asks: Which gospel will you live? Which gospel will you preach? Which needs will you awaken and